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About Degco Builders

Who is Degco Custom Builders at the core?

Degco Builders was founded by Tom Degnan in 1996. For many years Tom has worked hard in the real estate trade, as well as in the financial sector. This base gave Tom incredible insight on business and how to be successful in any market. We act as full estate management company as our clients needs have diversified throughout the years. This completes the build and care process of our newly built or remodeled home that needs protecting and maintenance care.

What is it that we specialize in?

Degco is best known as a custom home builder as well as an estate remodeler. The experience of remodeling a beach front or neighborhood home can be very different from the lives of the people that are living in them. We understand these differing lifestyles and are able to advise on just how your space can be utilized.

  • Custom builds
  • Estate Remodels
  • Full Expansions and Additions
  • Kitchen and bar spaces

The Seacoast is rather vast, are there areas that you navigate towards?

As a licensed realtor, Tom has seen all areas of real estate, from the inner New England corridor of Rt. 93, all the way to the seacoast. As Tom continues his love of being a custom home builder, and focuses on projects that take advantage of his talents in understanding the architectural challenges of the Seacoast and thrives on that work.

Healthy Homes Air Purification system

Easy Breathe systems are incorporated in our own homes, and many of our friends newly built and existing homes. We tend to include this process in our build outs for mostly our remodeled homes that need an environmental need. As a distributor of Easy Breathe Systems we offer this product as to all homes at any stage. The Easy Breathe system addresses your allergy and asthma relief, moisture, household mold, and stamps out smells within your home.


The Basement Ventilation System Helps to:

  • Reduce mold, mildew, allergens
  • Controls humidity, dampness
  • Removes musty odors
  • Improves overall indoor air quality

The Crawlspace Conditioner System Helps to:

  • Reduce mold, mildew, allergens
  • Controls humidity, dampness
  • Removes musty odors
  • Improves overall indoor air quality


Architect Testimonial

“We worked with Tom as General Contractor on a new seaside cottage in Rye, New Hampshire, and a major renovation in York, Maine. In both projects, Tom and his crew did outstanding work, with great attention to detail and to the client.  He is a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to working with him again in the future!”

Juli MacDonald, AIA | Residential Studio Manager
DeStefano Architects

Kudos to our work

“I have been meaning to write this, but I have been living my life, very peacefully might I add, in my new home and quite enjoying my down time. We added a 2,300 square foot addition to our main living space which allowed us to expand our kitchen into that space. In just over 4 months our homes atmosphere was better than ever for our family.

Degco Custom Builders, demonstrated accomplishment was carefully executed and meticulously thought through, by not only the architects but the entire building crew. Toms ability to orchestrate such a master plan deserves so much more than I can offer in gratitude. ”

— Warmest Regards, Rye Resident


“Degco Custom Homes has successfully created many new construction projects, large and small for my family over the years. Tom’s work as a perfectionist is apparent in the details of his work, and the diligence that he invests on the architectural and build side to bring the project to fruition beautifully. In many of his projects, he helps to design the form and function of a space alongside the architect. His work is reliable, and holds true to his integrity. I am pleased to recommend him to any client for those special projects or custom new home build.”
— Daniel Quirk

Tom Degnan | 23 years of experience in building or remodeling homes.

As a local Keene State College graduate Toms life evolved into the financial business sector. Working with Fidelity Investments gave his career a boost in the business management world and helped attain a flavor and vision of how growth looked on paper. Tom took this knowledge and ran with it. He started in every trade he could get his hands on, he became a cabinet maker and then moved onto larger projects.  Today Tom is frequently seen adding that extra touch to a new master bath suite, that might include a 2 level tiered set of doors to save that part of the stone wall that was original to the site. Or he could even plan to incorporate the wall of that existing barn into the new space as an accent wall.

This vision has been driving the success of Degco’s work.